What is Healthideas?

Healthideas is a range of information products and services designed by the Ministry of Health to support decision making. It contains information about health services to British Columbians including hospital services and physician services. It also contains population and other reference data.

Note:The population summary reports have been removed from Healthideas. The equivalent population reports can be accessed on the BC Stats Web site.

Our Aims

  • to provide a high quality service responsive to the needs of the users of Healthideas
  • to continue to adapt our information products to reflect changes in health care delivery
  • to remain proactive in the use of new methods of analysis
  • to offer high quality, informed advice on how best to use and understand Healthideas.

Maintenance Windows

Please note that the system may be down for maintenance between 6:00 am and 12:00 noon Saturday or Sunday mornings. Other significant outages will be broadcast to registered users.

Update Notification

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